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Crushing Communication Barriers: The Power of a Small Business Phone System 

Small business phone system

Effective communication is critical to the success of any business but is even more important for a small business. Each department must be coordinated because, typically, a smaller business operates with limited budgets and resources. They’re not operating with the resources of Fortune 500 companies. Communication and service are what separates them from big business. Communication is essential to building and maintaining customer, partner, and vendor relationships. Effective communication builds trust.  

The role of the business phone for a small business 

Small business phone systems are vital in facilitating communication by providing a reliable and efficient way for employees to communicate with each other, customers, and suppliers. A good phone system can streamline business operations, improve customer service, and help businesses stay connected even when not in the office.  

Potential Barriers to Effective Communication in Small Business 

While small businesses understand the vital role communications play, challenges and barriers present themselves when relying on an outdated small business phone system. Some of the most common barriers to effective communication in small businesses include the following: 

  • Communication Breakdowns: Small businesses are tight-knit units but aren’t susceptible to communication breakdowns. Without the proper channels, updates on projects can get lost, and messages can get overlooked. 
  • Time Constraints: Limited resources can lead to time constraints. Small businesses are working with tight deadlines to get projects completed. The same rings true for implementing or bringing on new vendors. Heavy workloads and conflicting schedules can also lead to time constraints in completing work or tasks. It’s also easy to get distracted by a simple email or meeting. 
  • Geographic Barriers: Not everyone is on-site in an office anymore. With more remote workers, communication can be more challenging if the office runs on an outdated phone system. 
  • Limited Resources: Small businesses don’t have the luxury of unlimited staff, budget, and technology. 

The Power of a Small Business Phone System 

An upgraded phone system can improve communication and partially eliminate the barriers thanks to the features they provide. 

  • Call Forward and Routing: A small business phone system is cloud-based and can be accessed from any location. Enhanced features, like call forwarding and call routing, make it easier for customers to reach the right people or departments. These two features are enabled virtually and can be configured to forward calls to specific departments based on product or issue. 
  • Conference and Video Calling: Traditional phone systems are not capable of having neither conference nor video calls. As a small business, it’s important to utilize your resources most cost-effectively. Consolidating your vendors into one system will unify your communications and cut costs.   
  • Getting all project stakeholders together on a conference or video call allows businesses to take advantage of the resources available and get people on the same page about projects or tasks. It allows you to see each other, as well as screen share and whiteboard. 
  • Enhanced Customer Service: The updated features of a modern small business phone system can help a business improve its customer service. Employees have access to a more convenient system, and customers’ concerns can be addressed in a timelier manner. 

Key Features of Small Business Phone Systems 

The key features that are available with a cloud-based small business phone system are plentiful and allow your employees to be productive and efficient. 

  • Call Recording: If you’re running a sales or customer service team, call recording is no longer a nice-to-have but an essential feature. Call recording enables businesses to improve service and accuracy in phone calls. Improving and perfecting scripts is a key benefit for sales teams. Review calls that win deals and incorporates the conversation or messaging into the scripts.  
  • Integrations: Integrate the software you already use into the phone system. A cloud-based phone system allows you to integrate your CRM, help desk software, and many others so you can have valuable contact data under one platform. Take an incoming call, and their information is already in view, allowing you to provide an excellent customer experience. 
  • Mobile Applications: Take your small business phone system on the go with a mobile application. Make outgoing calls from your system without worrying about giving away your personal phone number. You and your employees can access all the features of your phone system with a few swipes of the screen. 

Implementation and Training 

Staff training is essential for the adoption of the system. Training is usually conducted in-person (if applicable), virtually, or through knowledge-based articles and videos. The provider is responsible for system maintenance and upgrades, and support is typically available through phone, chat, or email. 

Gibson Teldata is Your Choice for a New Small Business Phone System 

Small businesses can significantly benefit from a new cloud-based phone system. From the cost savings to the enhanced features, it’s a no-brainer to make the move. Gibson Teledata is the choice for your small business. We know the needs of small businesses and will listen to your needs and customize a solution tailored to you. Contact us today, and let’s get you into a new phone system today.  


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