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Sullivan County Community Hospital

Sullivan County Community Hospital is a 25-bed acute care facility located on the north side of Sullivan, Indiana. The hospital offers a variety of outpatient services including, but not limited to, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, laboratory services, outpatient surgery, respiratory therapy, radiology and emergency room. Sullivan County Community Hospital works cooperatively with local healthcare providers, businesses, schools, churches and organizations to address community healthcare needs, and to provide a continuum of care which is beneficial in the healing process.

Sullivan County Community Hospital

"With the construction of new facilities to augment our main campus, as well as increased integration with other medical providers in the area, it was imperative that we upgrade our communications systems. In healthcare, efficiency and disaster recovery are key concerns, so this new technology had to provide immediate benefits in both areas—no exceptions. Thanks to Mitel and Gibson Teldata, we've rolled out an end-to-end solution that meets the needs of our staff and our patients, and provides the ROI that is crucial in any major technology purchase."

Ron Shake

Facilities Director, Sullivan County Community Hospital

Sullivan County Community Hospital rooms

project scorecard

A Connected & Mobile Workforce

Our goals for this project:

Simplified Administration

Minimize employee downtime during Moves, Adds and Changes

Ambulatory workforce

Provide employees with seamless ability to work from anywhere

Effective Disaster Recovery

Fast recovery in the event of power failure or similar event

project benefits

Improved Efficiency, Scalability & Disaster Recovery Capabilities


The hospital can quickly add, move, and change single extensions or entire departments and no longer has to work around their phone system when planning projects.


Sharing fiber connecting campuses between data and voice was far less expensive than a healthcare grade SmartNet. Mitel Call Accounting further improves ROI by allowing them to defray costs across tenants.


Employees have immediate access to personal phone settings from any location, enabling sharing of resources and more dynamic patient care.


Provides employees with the seamless ability to work from anywhere with the same features as they would have in the office and enables bricks-and-mortar savings.

Disaster recovery

Agents can access personal desktops and phone extensions anywhere, allowing fast recovery in the event of power failure or similar event.

Deep-dive Into The Client's POV

Understand how the healthcare workers of Sullivan County’s Community Hospital enjoy improved, reliable, and cost-effective communications thanks to Mitel & Gibson Teldata.