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Boost Workplace Safety & Response Time with Our Alerting & Paging Systems

Our solutions easily integrate with your phone systems so you can instantly relay important messages, warnings, and updates to your teams.

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Hospital & Healthcare Facilities

Instant Communication, Right At Your Fingertips

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Boost Safety & Security with Emergency Notifications

Emergency notifications are critical for keeping your teams safe and secure. With the right system in place, you can quickly alert employees, students, or visitors to potential threats.

Notify people in specific areas, or all areas, of any emergencies.

Set parameters that allow you to override your normal access restrictions if needed.

Use the platform to manage who can access the building.

Allow different sections of your office to update you on their whereabouts quickly and easily.

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Communicate Conveniently with Your Entire Office

Say goodbye to lengthy email chains! Now you can instantly share important updates & coordinate actions with your whole team, ensuring everyone stays informed.

Locate your staff when they’re not at their desks and minimize the number of callbacks you make in a day.

Communicate with some – or all – of your teams depending on your preferences.

Easily talk with visitors, delivery personnel, or employees via our plug-and-play integrations.

Get notifications of alerts and pages on our easy-to-use mobile app – available for Android & iPhone users.

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And That's Not All. Our Systems are Packed with Even More Helpful Features


Get notified if your system goes down with our automatic downtime detection and response features.

Data-driven Interface

Make sure the service's UI displays the data that matters most to you with our customizable dashboards

Metrics & Analytics

Generate reports based on alerts so you can address areas of improvement with alert-based reporting

Privacy & Security

Comply with healthcare data privacy and security regulations with our HIPAA-compliant solutions.

Role-based Functionalities

Assign specific roles and permissions to different users for better security with role-based access functionality

System Monitoring

Continuously monitor the performance of your system with real-time system health monitoring

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