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5 Key Benefits of Having an IT Service Partner for Your Business

5 Key Benefits of Having an IT Service Partner for Your Business

Your business is everything and needs to run like a well-oiled machine. This includes the hardware and software used to keep your business afloat. A recent study found that 140,000 hard drives fail every week, and the cost can be enormous beyond just the monetary. That is precisely why having an IT service partner there to tend to the technology side of your business is a must. Don’t assume that because almost everything is cloud-based, you are immune to technical issues; IT professionals are more valuable than you think.  

What is an IT Service Partner? 

An IT service partner is an individual or organization contracted to maintain your technology infrastructure. What does that mean? Well, we monitor your network traffic to ensure that anything coming in or out isn’t malicious. We also ensure that any updates needed for your systems are vetted and good to use. We perform physical systems checks to ensure that hardware isn’t failing and will recommend updates when required. The most important thing is that we are integral to your business disaster recovery plans. 

Why You Need an IT Service Partner  

Unless you run an IT service business, chances are you are not up to date on all the inner workings of the most current IT needs. You could hire internally, but full-time IT staff is expensive and, depending on your business, isn’t warranted. The deep technical knowledge that an IT service partner offers is invaluable to your business. They bring experience and partnership at a fraction of what hiring someone in-house would cost.  

Benefits of an IT Service Partner That Maximize Your Business  

The benefits of an IT service partner go beyond just cost versus hiring in-house. A professional IT service partner’s breadth of knowledge will help you modernize your business technology from top to bottom. A Research and Markets report says hiring an IT service partner can save you as much as 45 percent in IT costs and add up to 65 percent in operational efficiency. The last thing you want to do is skimp on your technology upkeep. If vulnerabilities are left unchecked, you are asking for terrible things to occur. 

1. Save Money 

You need to protect your investment in your business and technology infrastructure. Hardware can break due to age or for any number of reasons. Can you replace a laptop at a moment’s notice? By having a dedicated IT professional assist you with your technology, you can be sure to catch issues before they arise, saving you unexpected costs by proactively monitoring and evaluating your network.     

2. Reduce Downtime 

We have all been there when a fantastic, feature-rich system update gets installed and takes down a machine or, worse, an entire network. By working with an IT service partner, you can verify updates, address system vulnerabilities, and create a robust disaster recovery plan to eliminate extended downtimes. You need to be there for your customers.  

3. Increase Productivity 

It might sound crazy, but having an outside firm look at your processes and workflows objectively can help you trim anything that isn’t serving your business. Is your collection of documents inefficient and prone to data integrity issues? Your IT partner will help move you into a more productive flow, reducing inefficiencies and increasing productivity.  

4. Fortify Security  

Your business security is paramount to the success of your business. Can you imagine getting a call one day that there was a data breach? What happened? Where did it come from? Who do you need to call? This is a frantic situation, and rightfully so, but did you know that the global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was US $4.45 million? For most businesses, that would bankrupt them. This is not meant to scare you; just put actual figures in front of you so you are the most well-informed consumer.  

5. Quickly Scale to Meet Business Needs 

The beauty of having a dedicated IT service partner is that when you need to add or remove employees, a streamlined, repeatable process is in place that gets that employee set up and ready to go. They will always have the most up-to-date training and best practices specific to your business. The ease of employee onboarding is a huge weight off your organization’s shoulders.      

Elevate Your Business with Gibson Teldata, an IT Service Partner Here for You 

Bringing in an IT professional to modernize your business is a no-brainer. Here’s even more reason to speak with Gibson Teldata: We offer a FREE technology review to give you an honest assessment of your current infrastructure. We have built our customer relations reputation focusing on four principles:  

  • How can we save you money and increase your revenue 
  • How can we positively impact your public image 
  • Increase your business efficiency 
  • Streamline processes to strengthen productivity 

We have been in business for over 40 years and pride ourselves on doing right by our customers and only suggesting things they really need. Contact us today to see how we can partner with you. 


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