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NEC: End-Of Life Announcement

NEC has made the decision to phase out their on-premises UC business outside of Japan. Over the next few years, they will gradually withdraw from the on-premises UC business, leading to a full exit after fulfilling their existing contractual obligations. Please note that NEC UNIVERGE BLUE UCaaS offerings will not be affected by this process. 

Key Dates: 

  1. End of Extended System Protection (EON): As of the end-of-life announcement date (15th April 2024), Extended System Protection will no longer be available for purchase. 
  1. End of New System Sales (EON): The product cannot be ordered for new system sales after 31st December 2024. 
  1. End of Add-on Sales (EOA): Add-on sales for any hardware (including terminals) or software products (including licenses) and extension of Support and Maintenance services cannot be ordered or fulfilled after 31st December 2024. 
  1. End of Shipment (EOS): The latest target date for shipment of any purchase orders received and/or any new commitments after the announcement date (15th April 2024) is 31st March 2025. 
  1. End of Support (EOS): Represents the end of pre-sales and post-sales technical assistance. Customers cannot receive technical assistance, such as configuration help or NTAC support, once the EOS date is reached (31st March 2026). 
  1. End of Maintenance (EOM): Represents the end of regular software maintenance, including security and bug-fix patches. Customers cannot receive regular software maintenance once the EOM date is reached (31st March 2026). 
  1. End of Extended Maintenance (EOEM): Applicable only for customers who purchased SWA contracts prior to the announcement date (15th April 2024) with a contract period exceeding the EOS/EOM date. EOEM represents the end of technical assistance and software maintenance beyond the EOS/EOM date. 

Products Effected

 All NEC On-Premises Unified Communications products, applications, and peripherals are encompassed in this end-of-life announcement. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • SL2100 Platform, Applications, and Peripherals 
  • UNIVERGE SV9100 Platform, Applications, and Peripherals 
  • UNIVERGE SV9500 Platform, Applications (MA4000, OW5000, GNAV, etc.), and Peripherals 
  • NEC Wired Terminals (DT300/DT400/DT500, DT700/800/900/900S) 
  • Third-party Terminals (DECT, UM4730, UM8700, etc.) 
  • UC for Enterprise (UCE), DuVoice, NEC Expense Management, and more 

Next Steps

  1. New feature enhancements will no longer be available after the end-of-life announcement on 15th April 2024. 
  1. SWA Renewal and Add-on orders will be accepted for customers up to the EOA/EON date. 

Please feel free to reach out to our sales team if you have any questions or need assistance during this transition. We value your business and look forward to continuing to serve you. 

Thank you for choosing Gibson Teldata!