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Maximize the benefits of your network with Gibson Teldata. We provide reliable and efficient connectivity to help you communicate seamlessly and transfer data effortlessly.

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Build-Your-Own Solution with Gibson

Whether you need virtual phone lines, or better internet connections, our team can help you design a service that fits your unique needs. Check out some of our offerings below!


Digital Communication Lines

Send multiple voice, data, and video signals over a single connection with our digital communication lines (aka ISDN PRI).


Automatic Data Routing

Efficiently route your data packets and enjoy faster, more reliable communication with our Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) service.


Point-to-Point Circuits

Directly connect devices without relying on a central server with our P2P circuits, saving money and improving call quality.


Long-Distance Calling & Toll-Free Numbers

Increase your customer reach and communication convenience with our affordable toll-free numbers and long-distance calling.



Experience a significant boost in your network performance with our cutting-edge SD-WAN technology.

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Enjoy the Same Great Benefits No Matter What Service You Choose

Reliable connectivty

Enjoy uninterrupted communications, no matter what.

Complete Customization

Your service will always be tailored to your needs.

Easy Scaling

Your carrier services can grow as you grow.

Built-in Failover

Stay up and running, even during outages.

High-Quality Audio

No more garbled messages or unexpected "snow" on your calls.

Advanced Data Security

Encryption protocols, firewalls, the works.

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We're Committed to Customer Success. And Our Solutions Prove It.


We Build Solutions to Positively Impact Your Business.

Everything we build is meant to drive revenue, profitability, & customer loyalty for your business.


We Provide Hands-On Installation & Support

Our experts handle everything from data gathering to training to on-site support.


We Keep Our Expertise Up-to-Date

We keep our knowledge as current as possible, ensuring each solution has the latest advancements.