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More Profit, Less Cost: Our Partner Program Promise

Want to increase your revenue without the extra cost of adding new products or services to your portfolio? Then it’s time to join our partner program.

Independent Sales Consultants

With us, you can tap into a lucrative market of voice & data solutions – diversifying your revenue streams and unlocking new opportunities.

Voice & Data Providers

By broadening your offerings with us, you can generate more revenue and boost your reputation as a full-service provider. No extensive investments in R&D required.

Gibson Partnerships

Select the Partnership Level That's Just Right for You!

At this level, you can earn commission dollars simply by referring potential or existing clients who purchase Gibson Teldata’s products. 

This level is perfect for companies with limited IT staff. At this level, you‘ll be able to market and sell Gibson Teldata’s products without worrying about anything else. Our team will handle all implementation, warranties, and maintenance. 

Have the desire to do it all yourself? This level is for you! You‘ll be able to market, sell and provide your own support services, including product implementation, warranties, and maintenance. 

Experience All the Growth with None of the Overhead

Looking to remain competitive and diversify your business without losing focus on your core offerings or breaking the bank? Join Gibson Teldata’s Partner Program!