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Safeguard People & Property with Our Plug-and-Play Life Safety System

Enjoy a reliable life safety system – no matter your size – with turn-key security management applications that make monitoring your office a breeze.

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gibson’s life safety offering

No Matter What You Need, We've Got It

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Alerting & Paging

Communicate Office-wide with our Alerting & Paging Solutions

Make office-wide announcements to your building instantly with our alert and paging service. Stay prepared and connected.

fire alarm

Fire Panel

Guarantee Early Detection & Rapid Response to Fires

Keep your building safe with reliable fire panels that detect and alert you of potential fires before they become dangerous.

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IP Camera Systems

Monitor Your Office in Real-Time, Even When You're Off-Site

Keep track of all activities in designated areas to be sure everything is going well and staying secure.

Remarkable Results, Real Customer Success

See how our solutions have helped all kinds of businesses overcome challenges, achieve goals, and thrive in a highly competitive environment.