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Make Calling You a Joy, Not a Burden

With our Contact Center Solution, you can overcome the typical obstacles customers face when they reach out to their providers. Stand out from the competition with fast, effective service that will leave your customers thinking “I should’ve called them sooner.”

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Cumulus Essential Phone

Prefer simplicity without sacrificing efficiency? With user-friendly features and built-in backups, our Essential System is the perfect fit for businesses who want to keep it simple.

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Cumulus Enterprise Phone

Need more features for more complex needs? Customize your options with our Enterprise System to collaborate better as your business expands.

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Unified Communications

Hunting for the complete communications package? Then take a look at our UC offering! From instant messaging to video conferencing, it's got all the capabilities you need to succeed.

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Keep It Personal

Give Your Customers the Care They Deserve with Gibson's Contact Center Solution

Now your agents can answer questions sooner, resolve issues faster, and support customers better with our feature-packed platform. With it, you can: 

Call Recording

Make Every Call a Learning Opportunity

Thanks to our secure call recording features, you can capture and review customer interactions. They can help you identify areas for improvement, train agents effectively, and help you continue to refine your support system. 

You can choose to record all calls or selectively enable recording for specific users, departments, or based on specific criteria

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Connect Your Callers to the Perfect Person at the Perfect Time

Our platform guarantees faster issue resolution and happier customers by providing quick self-service through interactive voice response and connecting customers with the right agents through automated call distribution. No matter which one you choose, your customers win.  

Our smart routing systems consider agent skills, availability, call queues, and customer preferences when routing calls.

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Screen Pop

Personalized Care at the Click of A Button

Our screen pop feature lets your agents see important customer details instantly, so they can provide personalized support with ease. 

Screen Pop easily integrates with 250+ CRM platforms, making it an easy addition to your current processes.

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Guarantee a Reliable Connection

Build Your Perfect Network with Gibson's Structured Cable & Infrastructure

Whether it’s copper cabling or fiber optic systems, we provide expert installations and offer warranties for up to 15 years. Now you can enjoy excellent network reliability and performance 24/7/365.