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Here’s Why You Need to Upgrade Your Business Phone System Today 

A VoIP device that upgrades the business phone system for a company

Where were you 20 years ago? You may have had a flip phone. Maybe you were using the trendy, colorful, and round iMac. Time flies in the tech world, but 20 years is around when many businesses upgrade their phone systems. For whatever reason, businesses often underestimate how much change is happening to business phones or how much it takes to maintain and upgrade traditional phone lines. 

The digitization of phone systems has seen the advent of cloud-based phone systems requiring very little equipment to set up. But why make the change? Here are a few things to consider: 

Cost-Effective Options for Upgrading Phone Systems 

Traditional phone services are getting expensive, but they can’t offer you the features that cloud-based phone systems have. The costs of POTS lines are increasing, and some companies have seen rates as high as $1,300 for new lines.  

VoIP solutions are often more cost-effective than traditional POTS phone systems for several reasons: 

  1. Infrastructure Costs: VoIP systems utilize the existing internet infrastructure, eliminating the need for a separate, dedicated network for voice communication. 
  1. Hardware Costs: VoIP systems can operate on existing computer networks, and the necessary hardware, such as IP phones, tends to be more affordable than the specialized equipment required for POTS systems. 
  1. Maintenance Costs: VoIP systems generally have lower maintenance costs since they rely on software-based solutions, and updates or fixes can often be done remotely. 

POTS Lines are Going Away 

POTS lines aren’t just becoming more expensive; they’re going away. AT&T announced that it plans to decommission 50 percent of its copper line network by 2025. Businesses choosing to ride it out may continue to see increasing prices and may not have the support they once had for their POTS systems. 

Meanwhile, staying up to date on a VoIP system is almost instant. Because they are cloud-based, there isn’t a need for hardware maintenance or upgrades. As the technology improves, VoIP phone systems will see real-time updates. 

Old Systems Come with Security Risks 

Older phone systems may lack modern security features, making them more susceptible to security breaches and unauthorized access. This can expose businesses to the risk of data theft and privacy violations. 

Plus, depending on the industry, there could be regulatory requirements for communication systems, including data retention and security standards. Outdated systems may struggle to meet these compliance standards, resulting in legal and financial repercussions. 

Established VoIP providers prioritize the security of their systems, implementing robust measures to protect your communication data. This is particularly important as businesses deal with sensitive information through phone systems. 

Outdated Phone Systems Lack Features 

Outdated phone systems lack many of the advanced features that modern communication systems offer. Features such as voicemail-to-email, video conferencing, and integration with other digital tools are often absent in traditional systems, hindering productivity and collaboration. 

On top of that, older phone systems are typically tied to physical locations and lack the flexibility to support mobile and remote work seamlessly. This limitation can hinder the efficiency of businesses adopting flexible work arrangements. 

The Importance of Choosing the Right Phone System Provider 

Selecting a reliable and reputable phone system provider is a critical decision for businesses seeking efficient and dependable communication solutions. A reputable provider ensures that your organization benefits from a consistently reliable service, minimizing the risk of communication disruptions that can hinder business operations. This reliability is crucial for maintaining open lines of communication with clients, partners, and within the organization itself. 

Ready to upgrade your business phone system and take advantage of the latest features and cost-effective solutions? Contact Gibson Teldata today to learn more about how modern communication solutions can benefit your organization and enhance your customer experience. Don’t wait until it’s too late – upgrade your phone system today!


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