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5 Signs You Need a New Office Phone System 

Office phone systems

Saying good-bye is never easy, we know. However, we must let go of things that are no longer helping us to reach our goals. This applies to relationships, friendships, and even office phone systems. Perhaps you’re currently using plain old telephone systems (POTS) because it’s the system you feel comfortable in.   

But business communications have evolved. And by hanging on to the old, you’re missing countless opportunities for your business. If your business communications haven’t been upgraded recently, you should read these five signs you need a new office phone system.   

Sign 1: Your Office Phone System Is Obsolete  

Let’s start with the most obvious one. If your office phone system is not compatible with new working models such as hybrid and remote work, or if you’re currently using technology that is being discontinued, you need to start looking for a replacement immediately.   

After all, you don’t want to leave your business communications hanging.    

Luckily, there are plenty of options on the market that use cloud technology. Cloud technology lets you use any device with an internet connection as your working tool.   

Sign 2: Is Costing You Lots of Money   

If your phone system is often failing, if replacement parts are harder to find than ever before, and if it’s not compatible with other technology you’re using, you definitely need a new office phone system. With cloud-based phone systems, there’s no need to buy new hardware since any device with an internet device can be used as a work tool.   

Sign 3: Lacks Features  

If you feel very limited by what your phone system offers, perhaps it’s time to upgrade. Some people think phone systems are only meant to make and receive calls. But text, video, or chat can now be a part of your phone system. Voice calls are just one element of your business communications.   

Other companies are well aware of this and are switching to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions. In fact, according to Grandview Research, the global mobile VoIP market is set to reach 145.8 billion by 2024.   

New office phone systems also come with a list of integrations that can help in different areas of your business.  

Sign 4: Your Phone System Doesn’t Offer Scalability 

If every time you welcome someone new to your team, you also worry about buying and installing a phone line; you probably need to change your phone system. New office phone systems offer the flexibility to add new profiles with just a few clicks. It also has a minimal cost to add new users.  

Sign 5: Your Office Phone Systems Provider Is Not Reliable   

The ultimate red flag that you CAN’T ignore is that your office phone systems provider is unreliable. If this is the case, it doesn’t matter if it’s a plain old landline or the newest toy in town; you need to change your provider. Your communications are vital for your business; you can’t rely on a provider who won’t help you when needed.   

What Happens If Any of These Signs Apply to Me?  

It’s never too late to realize that changes are necessary. But it’s the only way we progress to accomplish our ultimate goals. If you’ve realized that your business communications need an upgrade, many office phone systems in the market offer great value!   

Cloud-based office telephone systems can offer excellent cost for value. Different features and integrations make your customers and employees happier with a cloud-based office telephone system. Also, a good provider will make the transition as fast and as smooth as possible.   

Gibson Teldata: Your Office Phone Systems Providers  

At Gibson Teldata, our ultimate goal is to help your business grow. A new business phone system can improve your business’s internal communication and expand the channels your customers use to reach you. Our expertise in office phone systems solutions makes us the ideal partner for finding the perfect system for your business. Contact us now and start your road in the fantastic world of cloud-based communications! 


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